Last Train Home

In this scary adventure, you will have to get out of the train. Unfortunately, you have got stuck here. You play for a character who is returning home and missed the usual train. Now you catch another one but once you enter it, you find it really strange. The carriage is full of strange people. They do not even seem to be live people but their souls. One thing is sure – you should not be among them. So the sooner you leave it – the better!

Will you manage to escape?

You will interact with all the personages you meet. All of them will give you some kind of a task. And you will have to successfully complete it. Solve lots of puzzle to find a way to leave this scary trap before the train delivers you to the place with no return possibility. The walkthrough will take you not more than 10 minutes, but you will go through unbelievable thrills during this short adventure. If you love horror stories with unexpected outcomes, you will enjoy this entertainment too. Good luck!

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