Mark’s Room

If you love horror games with the elements of puzzle, then we recommend you to play Mark’s room. Despite the game looks to be created for kids, you will need to be really smart to pass it. So what is that all about? The story starts when the hero wakes up in a strange room. It looks unfamiliar to him. Moreover, he cannot understand what brought him here. What is even worse – all his memories are wiped away!

Help the guy escape!

You will need to solve extremely difficult puzzles to progress. Each completed task will give you a clue regarding the next step. But every time, you must go through a true brainstorm to succeed. You will have to find codes to open various locked cases and safes. Make sure you scrupulously examine the room – you never know where a hint can be hidden. All the puzzles are very tricky, so you will need all your logic to come up with the right solution. Do not be afraid to take time and experiment until you get it right. You will cope with it!

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