Choo Choo Charles Minecraft

If you love online games, you surely know enough about the legendary project of Minecraft. This pixelated entertainment is full of unexpected twists and plotlines. You must have already met a lot of cute personages here This time, you will enjoy a really cool mod in this world of cubes. You will meet a new opponent – an evil train that wants to destroy everything on his way! Now you must prove your smarter then him!

Will you avoid the enemy?

In this adventure, you will control colored friends from Roblox. You must remember these creatures that know how to scare and hunt others. But even these monsters are in trouble now! They need to cross a big location. However, it is full of all sorts of obstacles. But what is most terrible – the evil Choo Choo Charles is there! He is awaiting his new victims and will attack anyone who pops up on the horizon. The train looks more like a spider with hollow eyes and a moth full of sharp teeth. There is no doubt that there is no chance to survive when you get into his paws. So you must help rainbow friends avoid the monstrous train and safely reach the destination point.

Will you mislead Choo Choo Charles?

Your personages also have individual powers. You just need to use them correctly to help them overcome endless trials. Their capabilities can distract the enemy and mislead him. You will have to successfully solve lots of puzzles and quests to get a hint on how to move on. Just remember well that even one wrong move may interrupt your adventure and your heroes will die. So do not allow the protagonist to catch you. Besides, you can collect resources that are scattered around and earn coins to purchase various devices you can use against Choo Choo Charles. You must take instant decisions and react without delay. Do not be afraid to experiment with different tricks to leave your enemy behind. You will love this thrilling confrontation!

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