Choo Choo Charles

Horror games are a cool method to add zest to your gaming routine. There are plenty of cool plots where you are to confront all possible creatures and monsters. But we bet you have never played against a train! This time, it will be your main opponent. However, it is a monster train. To be more precise it is a scary creature that reminds a spider and moves fast using eight spider legs. His name is Choo Choo Charles and he lives on one distant island, keeping everyone in fear. You must stop this chaos!

What is your role?

You play for a brave monster hunter. The character has already defeated a lot of dreadful creatures and even has his own museum with these exhibits. So one day, he receives a call that his help is needed again. This time, he is to go to the island to stop the evil train. At first glance, this mission does not seem to differ much from your usual routine. But once you get to the island, you realize that this adventure will bring lots of unexpected dangers. The monster turns out to be a train that looks like a genuine spider – big yellow eyes, sharp teeth, and terrible spider legs! It is enough to see him to understand he is extremely dangerous. You have only an old train to travel across the island. It is more than clear that your opponent will catch you if you do not invent something. But all you can currently do is upgrade your locomotive and get some weapon to protect yourself from hostile attacks.

Mislead the antagonist!

You will meet not only Choo Choo Charles in this place but local residents as well. You will learn their stories and receive various tasks from them. Try to complete them well and earn points for excellent performance. Besides, you can collect resources during your trip – this is scrap that can be found everywhere. As you move around, your enemy will not sleep – the antagonist will try to attack you when you least expect it. Your most vulnerable position is when you need to leave the train to explore various corners of the island. Always remain on the alert – and when you hear a distant whistle, immediately get back on your train. Accumulate coins to purchase different upgrades for your transportation means and even buy guns to be on the safe side. You must be faster and stronger to take advantage in this fierce confrontation. Do not miss any chance to strengthen your character and his train and defeat the enemy eventually.

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