Burger & Frights

This time your horror adventure will be quite short but extremely thrilling. The plot seems to be very usual. The main character feels unbelievable craving for burger one evening. He knows he can purchase them in a store not far from him. And even the fact that it is rather late and already dark outside does not stop him. So you must accompany the personage on this trip. It does not sound very scary, does it? So let’s see how well you will cope with this mission.

Will you reach the destination?

There is one nuance the hero did not take into account. The road goes through the forest that does not look very friendly at night. As soon as you find yourself between dark trees, you get really scared. You start to see and hear strange things. It even seems that some terrible creatures are floating around. Are you really alone here? But, unfortunately, you cannot stop or return back now. You should continue this dreadful trip and try to reach the food store safe and sound.

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