Super Dark Deception

This horror game will fill your soul with unbelievable fear even if the task looks not so complicated at first glance. You are in an eerie maze, and you need to find an exit from this terrible place. But what is even worse – you are not alone in this dreadful labyrinth. A terrible monster will run after you, trying to catch you. On the first level, you will face a creepy monkey that will literally run on your heels.

Do not stop even for a second!

The evil monkey is only the first antagonist you will meet. Other levels will bring you face to face with other frightening creatures. What is really challenging – the game is adapting to all your actions as all your opponents are powered by artificial intelligence. You will need to be extremely inventive to mislead your enemy and simply run away. So rack your brain to make steps that can confuse your opponents. Use a lot of power ups to multiply your chances for success. You must win no matter what. Good luck!

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