Choo Choo Charles 2

If your favorite genre of online games is horror, then you will be happy to learn about new entertainment in this style. You know well how intriguing it is to go through a new horror plot and enjoy new threats and jumpscares. You may have already met tons of monsters in other stories, but this time your opponent will be really special. The thing is that you are to confront a train! This is a live train. Moreover, he is a true monster that looks like a scary spider! Do you have enough courage for this adventure? Then, let’s get immersed in a creepy atmosphere where danger is behind each corner.

Become a brave monster hunter!

Your hero is a fearless monster hunter. Actually, he has been asked to come to this island and catch Choo Choo Charles. This is how local people call a dreadful train. The monster keeps everyone in fear – he believes nobody can stop him ever. So you are here to catch the antagonist and turn him into a museum exhibit. But even if you have enough experience in the past, this particular mission will turn into survival where your life is at risk! You will get a small train to travel across the place and that’s it. There is no chance to catch the evil opponent practically barehanded and you must strengthen your position. You will be able to achieve it in several ways.

Complete all tasks!

The game will give you a lot of quests to complete. You will receive a lot of requests from local residents as you move from one place to another. You will learn their personal stories and help them sort out different things. For successfully completed tasks you will be rewarded with coins. You desperately need money to upgrade your weak locomotive and buy some weapons. Besides, you can get more coins by collecting resources – you will have to collect scraps as you travel. The more upgrades you manage to get, the higher is the chance to catch the enemy. But he is very treacherous. Charles knows the territory very well and will try to attack you without warning. The only notice you can get that the antagonist is approaching is the characteristic whistle he produces. Make sure you get back to your train when the enemy gets too close. You are very vulnerable on the ground – do not allow the evil monster to catch you while you are exploring the place. Trick him and attack when you gain enough power!

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