The Last Man

Do you like games that keep you on your toes from the first to the last minute? Then you should consider The Last Man. You will check your strengths and skills in a cruel confrontation with aliens. It will be a deadly fight! You are alone, while it is almost impossible to count all opponents. It is a whole horde of them! Do you think you will find a way to defeat them all?

You must create a strategy!

Your character is a member of a secret squad. When you arrive to an alien planet, all your colleagues get killed. Only you managed to survive. And now you need to face waves of bloodthirsty creatures and defeat them all. It sounds unrealistic, but, unfortunately, it is the only possible scenario if you want to remain alive. Show your courage and plunge into a flow of endless attacks, trying to kill as many enemies as you only can! The strengths are far from being equal. And only your agility and determination to win can help you succeed in this cruel fight.

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